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All communication is projection, all art is communication. The projection of a message or thought creates in another person a space that is virtually real. The goal of creating such an effect, of sharing one’s reality with another, or of creating new realities together, is the essence of communication and art. To submit to the need or desire to communicate is to chase this goal.

Characterized as having three different types of perceptual, experiential, and response modes (imagination, interaction, and immersion), all communication/art can be mapped to a location within the cube you see above.

Literature, for example, stimulates imagination, and can be located at the upper left corner of the cube. Computer games rely heavily on interaction, and can be located at the upper right. Film is generally thought of as an immersive experience, which would be located at the bottom corner. Of course, there are different quantities of each mode in any of these experiences - film would actually be mapped somewhere between the immersion and imagination vectors on the left plane of the cube.

The space within the cube is created by the apex where the imagination, interaction, and immersion vectors meet, and the point opposite this apex, where they are farthest away from each other. That farthest point would be the state of non-involvement, as between two people who know nothing of each other, or two entities which have never come into contact.

For anyone involved in technology based communication, it is the apex that is our holy grail: completely immersive, interactive experiences that incite the imagination.

As various methods of interactive and multi-disciplinary mediums move through their naissance, we find ourselves in various locations within the cube, moving ever closer to its apex as the segregated entertainment/art/communication complex collapses, and individual access to the entire cube expands.

User-directed content sites (like Youtube, Facebook, and other content hosting and networking sites), Hyper-Cinema, online interactive gaming, and even some of the consumer-directed viral marketing and branded content trends in advertising are all examples of a motion towards such a convergence. These trends push toward the grail as communication technology and methodology advances, creating new hybrids and forms of communication amplifying our collective ability to share realities.

The quest for this grail is i^3’s long term strategy. We are dedicated to pursuing, developing, and creating new types of visualization, creative and storytelling methods, procedures, structures, and philosophies that will move us as close to this grail as today’s technologies will permit.

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